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Equine Laundry and Repairs


Keeping your horse wear clean is such an important part of equine management.  Daily wear, can leave residues on fabrics, which clog pores, impairs the fabrics  breathability and can also result in bacterial growth or even fungal skin conditions. Having your rugs cleaned regularly not only protects and prolongs the life of your rugs but provides an extra level of hygiene for your horse.


Should you buy a 2nd hand rug, we recommend a wash and sanitise service, so you can be sure its bacteria free before placing on your horse.All items can be laundered –Please don’t worry about how dirty or smelly your rug is, you will be amazed at the results. If your rug is damaged don’t bin it, we can repair it for a fraction of the cost of a new rug.

We enjoy a challenge, so even severely damaged rugs welcome. We can also repair your horses turnout/brushing/travel boots.  


Repair work is quoted in advance. We do require all rugs to be washed before they are repaired due to H&S restrictions.Personalised EmbroideryOur embroidery service covers all aspects of embroidery for horse wear, clothing and other garments.  


As most embroidery requirements are so individual, we are unable to give an accurate price for your requirements on this site. Please call or email with your requirements for a quote.  We can embroider headcollars, rugs, numnahs, hoodies, Jackets and Gillets. We can also add crystals for extra bling.